Welcome to ExecuFlight

Welcome to a VA with a difference. We are ExecuFlight, part of the Compass group, but we don't fly scheduled services. Instead we specialise in charters of small jets for business, government and personal use.

If some extremely rich git with money to burn and manure for brains wants to use our services to fly himself and his family from Sydney to London in total luxury for 10 times the cost of the first class air fare then we're happy to oblige!

Plenty of governement officials think they are too important to travel with the hoi polloi. Like most people we think they aren't, but while the taxpayer is footing the bill, we aren't telling.

Likewise if some business man or third world dictator decides that no one should know where and when he is travelling then we'll happily let them transfer an obscene sum of money from thier Swiss bank account to ours in the Cayman Islands. It's a tough job, but some one's got to do it.

So if you fancy a spot of interesting work ferrying the rich, powerful and just plain obnoxious around the world with discretion and for a tidy sum, then we have the job for you. It's not all Dom Perignon and skittles mind you, these rich twats usually demand some pretty hard core sucking up (however you do get to drink the leftover Dom and Laphroig during layovers). Take a look around, and if you fancy a job in the exclusive world of corporate aviation then drop us a line.